Cordoba, Spain

So it’s been a while since we left off from Toledo and Madrid. After two nights in the bustling city of Madrid, we took a train from Madrid to the town of Cordoba.


It was about a two hour train ride. Since I had a fair share of forewarnings from family and friends about hearing of pick pocketing cases, particularly while travelling on trains, I sure had my eyes open! My dad told me once that one of his friends had his camera stolen on the train in Europe.. Devastated would be an understatement if I lost my beloved Samsung camera..


Anyhow, Cordoba is a beautiful city with a mixture of Roman and Islamic architecture.


During our time in Cordoba, we set foot in one of the most magnificent mosques (well.. apart from Hagia Sophia in Istanbul): The mosque-cathedral of Cordoba (Also known as Mezquita de Cordoba)



I’d also like to remind you how pretty courtyards are! The courtyards at the mosques (or previously mosques, turned into cathedrals) are iconic features. I love the serenity and peacefulness of walking around these courtyards with beautiful trees planted in an orderly fashion.


This olive tree is a few centuries old (from what I can remember)




The mosque-cathedral of Cordoba was my favourite mosque-cathedral that we visited throughout our trip in Spain.The long lengths and wide widths of the historic site gives a really spacious feeling.


I loved the details of the pillars and ceilings.


I have been exposed to historical sites in Europe that are a few centuries old since the age of 13, and to this day, I still cannot fathom how people have designed such intricate, embellished, delicate patterns  and frameworks. I guess they really are that impressive because they are reflective of power back then.


Love capturing that little bit of sunlight coming through


I mean… Look at the size of this organ!

Next: The lovely Alhambra palace of the incredibly cold Granada


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