Toledo & Real Madrid stadium


View from the mountains- Spotted: Alcazar, a stone fortification on the highest part of Toledo

About a 50 minute drive from Madrid lies a town, Toledo- another UNESCO World Heritage site like Cuenca.


We first went up to the mountains to have a view of the town. As usual, very picturesque and it was super chilly..


We visited this shop which had lots of swords, armour stuff and jewellery which had some famous Damascus steel with some interesting patterns that kept on popping up in other stores throughout the town. Basically gold patterns on black backgrounds. Quite pretty!


Source: Google images


I thought it was super interesting to learn that Syria had imported the famous type of steel.. In short, the Arabs had so much influence in Spain, something I didn’t know before coming to the country.


Game of Thrones anybody?




Part of a cathedral

Next stop: Lunch


We had suckling pig..The picture does not look aesthetically appealing and is rather creepy in my opinion.. But I always say ‘looks are deceiving’ because it as simply delicious! They also had some potatoes to serve it with and wine to drink. The meat was very succulent and tasty. The skin was a bit rubbery and hard to eat, though there were some parts that were crispy.


Then we went to the Real Madrid stadium- Santiago Bernabeu. I felt like we spent a little too long in there.. I don’t want to perpetuate a stereotype of being a girl but I would much rather have done shopping.. There is a department store called El Corte Ingles which has awesome discounts (more details in a post about Rhonda city) that I could’ve spent the whole day in .. However, it was part of the tour package. Unfortunately, I never grew up following football enough to be a crazy fan of it. To be quite frank, I only know one player which is Christiano Renaldo and that Bayern Munich is kick-ass. Real shame though, but it was cool seeing the training rooms and benches where players wait out.

For dinner that night, we had Chinese food *Sad face*.. For me, I just don’t understand why you would fancy to eat Chinese food in a place like Spain or Switzerland, WHEN YOU HAVE IT ALL THE TIME IN MELBOURNE. Oh well, my dad always needs his rice anyway, no matter what country we’re in and part of the Malaysian tour package includes 2 Chinese dinners. It wasn’t too terrible though, unlike my first bad taste of Chinese food in Munich when I was 13 -which ironically wasn’t even at a Chinese restaurant, but at a place called ‘Roxy’ that made food with copious amounts of salt…

Next: Cordoba


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