Friends of mine & Fonda



Fonda is a nice place for a quick Mexican fix- fancy ‘fast-food’ as one of my friend calls it. It is definitely a lot more up-scale than say Mad Mex or Salsas. I’m not a big fan of Salsas though. I used to eat it a lot during year 12 at the food court for lunch, but the quality of the burritos has gone downhill. The other day I called for a pulled pork burrito and there was 80% rice and 20% pork. Not a happy camper.

Fonda has a few locations: Glenferrie, Chapel Street, Swan street and Flinders lane. I went to the one in Glenferrie with my friends. Just take the Alamein line and get off at the Glenferrie station. There are some other great eats like Crabapple Kitchen, Yo-Chi and Huxtaburger (yet to try).


All of us ate quesadillas ($16)- the chicken & pork one. All excellent with a generous amount of sauce. No Mexican meal is complete without sauce dripping down your fingers.. Delicious to eat, but no doubt messy!

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We also called the chipotle chips to share. I found the chips good, but not extraordinary. The chipotle sauce was nice, but other than that, I think I would’ve preferred tortilla chips with guacamole or what not.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Very filling meal, great service.

Cons: Not exactly cheap for ‘fast-food’, but then again when is Mexican food ever cheap in Melbourne?

Recommended dish:Any of the quesadillas are the way to go!
Fonda Mexican Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friends of mine


Near the Burnley train station lies a quaint brunch cafe, Friends of mine. I love the interior (look at those chairs beside the mirror) and also the fact that they labelled the toilet ‘le loo’. It reminds me of how I named my old blog ‘Around le globe’ because I thought the French word for ‘world’ (monde) was too complicated for people who didn’t utter a single word of French. Thus, I inserted the ‘le’ which made me look rather pretentious for an adolescent..


Anyhow, there were so many choices on the menu that really appealed to me.. However I read from Gastronomical ramblings that the shashuka is memorable, thus I ordered this egg dish.


When it came out, my mouth fell open. The size of the dish was monstrous and it smelled amazing.


The bread that accompanied it was toasted to perfection, crusty on the outside and soft in the inside -just how crusty bread should be. Eggs were nice, and it was a nice dish overall. However, after a while, I thought there was a bit too much acidity from the tomatoes, or perhaps that it would be more suitable to share between two people.


Apologies for the terrible picture

My friend, A had the chicken salad with some sort of mayo sauce and grain stuff below. I really liked it, especially the grains! I normally don’t eat salad when I’m out, but I’d happily buy a grain salad like this one or at Jimmy Grants at the Emporium.


Finally, my other friend, N had the red velvet hotcakes. This was perfect to end on a sweet note. The pancakes had some fancy Persian fairy floss on top, and looked too pretty to be eaten. I also liked that it was not too sweet. I’m a bit cautious to order sweet things for brunch as it can be sickeningly sweet for my palette.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Loved the variety on the menu, service was quite good.

Cons: None, I would gladly return!

Recommended dish: Shashuka is memorable, but would recommend to share between two people!
Friends of Mine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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